Bennville Equine

Dedicated to  creating equine partnerships

We currently have a limited number of spaces available for either boarding or training at Bennville. If you are looking for a place to board, help to bring a youngster along, or need help prepping a mare for inspection, please contact us!


Boarding at Bennville

At Bennville we strive to provide the upmost in equine care, and our barn was designed with this in mind. We have large boxstalls, bedded down with ample straw bedding, with large windows  that provide plenty of natural light and good ventilation. We feed lovely home-grown hay, both first and second cut, as well as homegrown oats, along with beet pulp and a ration balancer, and can tailor out feeding to each horse's specific needs. Horses are turned out in large paddocks, either individually or in pairs, depending on the horse's individual needs. We have a large indoor and outdoor riding ring, both with well maintained footing, and a lovely grass hacking trail to enjoy. We strive to maintain a happy and relaxed environment that the horses thrive in. Coaching can be arranged with Greta, or outside coaches are also welcome. While we are a primarily dressage-focused barn, riders of other disciplines are welcome. Please check out the photos below of our facility and feel free to contact us with any questions.

Training at Bennville

At Bennville, we specialize in the training and proper development of young dressage horses. Growing up riding youngsters, I have gained a great deal of knowledge of how to properly build up confidence in youngsters, from the initial process of breaking in to properly establishing them undersaddle and creating reliable, happy and enthusiastic equine partners. I strive to produce horses that are properly brought along with the training scale, but also recognize that each horse is an individual, and want to build up partnerships with them based on kindness and mutual respect. I try to vary training to include ring work, work over poles and hacking and riding out, so that horses have variety and gain enjoyment from their work. I have shown many of our young horses successfully in FEI Young Horse classes, including many Ontario championships along the way. I have also been trained and am certified as a judge for the German Hanoverian Verband, and have plenty of experience presenting young horses for inspection and Mare Performance Tests. If you are looking for help with a youngster, lessons, or for help bringing a mare along with the goal of presenting her for breed inspection, please do not hesitate to contact me. - Greta